Outcomes - Work Packages

WP 3 – Developing capacities and facilities 

3.1. Infrastructure and teachings staff assessment 

3.2. Study visits and trainings

Study visit assigment report (DOWNLOAD)

3.3. PBL and EL in competence based learning workshop

PBL Workshop Aquaponics (DOWNLOAD)

PBL Workshop Livada LAB (DOWNLOAD)



3.4. Distance learning guide, manual and workshop 

LLL program info (DOWNLOAD)

3.5. Development of teaching/training tools (DOWNLOAD)

3.6. Purchase and installation of equipment 

3.7. Curriculum accreditation 

3.8. Curriculum implementation 

WP 4 – Quality assurance and monitoring 

4.1. Quality performance framework (DOWNLOAD) 

4.2. WPs quality evaluations and QAC functioning 

4.3. Evaluation questioners

Project Web Site (DOWNLOAD)

Dissemination events (DOWNLOAD)

4.4. Evaluation reports

Quality Assurance Committee Report (DOWNLOAD)

Evaluation of the Study Visit in Berlin (DOWNLOAD)

Evaluation of partners meeting in Berlin (DOWNLOAD)

Evaluation of the progress of the project (DOWNLOAD)

4.5. External evaluations and costs verification 

4.6. Evaluation of curriculum and teaching tools 

WP 5 – Dissemination and exploitation  

5.1. Dissemination Strategy (DOWNLOAD)

5.2. Project web site and social media channels 

5.3. Green Entrepreneurship software  

5.4. Distance learning platform 

5.5. Project promotional materials


Pamphlet Albanian (DOWNLOAD)

5.6. Scientific contributions 

5.7. Info days, open door day and UA conference 

5.8. Interim and final report on dissemination and exploitation