About Us


Urban agriculture (UA) is an industry located within (intraurban) or on the fringe (periurban) of a town, a city or a metropolis, which grows or raises, processes and distributes a diversity of food and non-food products, (re-)using largely human and material resources, products and services found in and around that urban area, and in turn supplying human and material resources, products and services largely to that area. Urban farms already supply food to about 25% of the world’s urban population. Due to the increased urbanization, UA has become more popular in the past few decades as concerns for the environment, food sustainability and resilience have combined with increased interest in health. 


BUGI project is proposed to respond to the graduates/workforce, enterprises, experts, planning and infrastructure capacity build-up required for development of urban agriculture, sustainable agriculture and green economy in WB. 

Work Packages


Project comprises six working packages. Initial three working packages are focused on research and development and three are supportive and cross-cutting. All consortium members will be engaged in all working packages contributing to their implementation according their expertise and country of origin. Specific attention is put on the initial project phase when grounds for new curriculum and LLL programs will be set.

Project Partners