Venice Study Visit

Host: University of Bologna
Date of event: 15-17 October 2018

Day 1

First day we had a chance to visit house of female imprisonment, where we learnt more about the kind of urban agriculture where prisoners actively participate in gardening, growing different kind of vegetables, fruits as well as aromatic and medicinal herbs that are used by the cosmetic laboratory for the preparation of products such as detergents, balsams, creams, etc. Later on, we visited therapeutic garden and hotel’s garden where we also get some insights into different kind of urban agriculture models.

Day 2

Second day of our visit was dedicated to another type of urban agriculture model, the one where group of people in backyard of Church developed small garden that has a function of socialization, networking, etc. Remaining part of the day was dedicated for meeting of staff members for further directions, responsibilities and task of BUGI project.

Day 3

Last day of study trip was dedicated for a visit of isolated Laguna where family business is established. Several different crops are grown, some hydroponic equipment is used, and most important our host show us how the system of delivery of their products is established and how it works. Change from one type of value chain, to short one where family/producer has direct communication with consumer/buyers appear to be winning combination for this small but valuable production unit. At the end of day 3 we had a chance to visit old monastery with small vineyard and their “business model” of active participation of children and their parents in wine production.

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