Bologna Study Visit

Host: University of Bologna
Date of event: 21-23 May 2018

During three day study visit in Bologna we had an opportunity to get insights about Urban agriculture movement and development, different business models in UA, topics such as sustainability, sustainable development and lifecycle assessment, and combining that with practical examples of the same.

First day we have been hosted by representatives of Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences  (DISTAL) and F.I.C.O.- Fabbrica Italiana Contadina – Food Amusement Park who highlight importance of developing different business models such as cost reduction, diversification, share-economy, experimental, experience, differentiation etc. Second day of our visit was dedicated to visit SCUDERIA- Future Food Urban Co-Lab where we spoke about importance of social cohesion, education from one side, and ecology from other. Shared conclusion was to keep in mind importance of policy context, administrative support, overall business development, community engagement, social acceptance as the main driver for sustainable development. Later on, LE SERRE /KILOWATT so called collective garden, provide their insights how important is newtorking, cooperation, collaboration with different stakeholders for further development of the business. Last day of our study visit was dedicated to the visit of ETA BETA – UA initiative in Bologna where they share experience of making handmade products, also talking about Z Farming – zero acreage farming and social acceptance of the same.

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